Justy Picolo Stunt Kite

The Justy Picolo is a big stunt kite with a lot of space for you branding. A great kite for beginners.

  • Fully custom-made with your logo
  • Starting at 25 pcs.
  • Big surface
  • Perfect for stunts

Request a quote today for your own fully custom-made Justy Picolo stunt kite today.



60 x 120/135 cm.

Pricing (in Euro)

The Justy Picolois a great stunt kite to fly in lower winds, since it has a relatively big surface and catches a lot of wind. This also means a big surface to display your logo or brand, which makes it the perfect promotional kite. The Justy Picolo is a big kite, consisting out either one or two panels. It’s a kite that is suited for young people as well as adults. Easy to assemble and ready to fly.


Always start flying the kite in lower winds. Even in high winds the Justy Picolo will fly great. The kite is fully made out of ripstop nylon fabric and has a 4 mm fiberglass frame. The tunnels are fabricated of strong Dacron tape and the tip of the kite is made out of Duraskin. Super strong! It can handle some crashes and will forgive some beginner mistakes.


The kite is packed individually in a pe slip. R2F (Ready to Fly), included with two winders, kite lines, and instructions. The colors of the kite you can choose yourself!
  • Screen printed
  • Starting at 25 pcs.
  • Special packaging is possible, just ask!
Request a quote today for your own fully custom-made Justy Picolo.