Sport Foil 180 Promo Kite

The Sport Foil 180 promo kite has a big surface for your logo. A great kite for an active audience.

  • Starting at 25 pcs.
  • Fully custom-made
  • Optionally with printed bag
  • Great for those who want power

We’ve made this kite for dozens of happy clients. Request a quote today for your own fully custom-made Sport Foil.



180 x 60 cm

The Sport Foil 180 is a popular kite thanks to its large surface, making it the best kite for optimal logo display. Also, it’s a kite with outstanding flying abilities and thus suited for an active audience. Great for beginners and R2F (Ready-to-Fly). Just assemble the kite lines and you’re ready to go!


The Sport Foil 180 is made out of strong ripstop nylon fabric. The kite consists of 12 air chambers, which optionally could be printed in various colors. Anything is possible with this great foil. The kite also will forgive some beginners mistakes. We advise practicing first in some lighter winds of course.


The Sport Foil 180 is packed individually in a nice nylon carrying bag, which optionally can be printed as well. Comes R2F (Ready-to-Fly), complete with two kite rings, kite lines, and instructions.

  • Screen printed
  • Starting at 25 pcs.
  • Special packaging options are available, just ask!

Request a quote today for your own fully custom-made Sport Foil.